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Bread of Life

August kicks off with Scandinavian Festival.  We will (I hope and pray) get lots of people making aebleskiver for lots of visitors.  Serendipitously, all August (nearly) we are going to be reading through chapter 6 of the Gospel of John, which talks about another flour based food, bread.  In it Jesus feeds 5000 people with bread (and some fish) and then has an extended conversation about what that sign, that miracle, means.  One of the key pieces of that conversation is the metaphor that Jesus uses when he says, “I am the Bread of Life.” We will be digging into this conversation this month, but one thing to remember as we get into it is that Jesus is talking about life, about life made abundant in ways that surprise and even provoke and offend some people.  Life which is beautiful, loved, cherished and blessed by God, though some regard it as worthless and nothing.  I ran across this poem the other day, and thought, in a way, it says the same thing.  You can find the poem here: http://www.thoughts-about-god.com/poems/zondi.html



They Say that I'm Nothing, but I'm Something

By Londeka Zondi, a 19 year old from South Africa

They say I’m poor,

They say I’m nothing.

They say I’m poor and they say I’m nothing because I’ve got nothing to offer to any living soul.

I’ve got no money, no food, no child, no wife nor husband and no home to go home to that is because I’ve got no money.

But I say I’m blessed

I’m blessed because God told me so.

He loves me the same way he loves every life on earth. I’m blessed because I’m still alive.

I breathe the same air that rich men breathe,

I walk on the same ground that rich men walk . . . therefore  I am no different.

I am rich with life

I am rich with love

I’m rich with hope that one day they will see the beauty that God treasured in me because I am something indeed


May you find the beauty that God treasures in you and in those you encounter this month, this season, this year, and this lifetime.



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