Pastor Stuart Holland is the interim pastor.

There’s a certain challenge in getting to know a person through a few sentences and a picture on the internet but a faith community is made up of people having relationships so here goes:

 In one sense, pastors walk the borders between two lands: the supernatural and the mundane, the physical and the spiritual, even between life and death. The difference from most border wardens is that pastors want to help us cross those borders: growing from death into life, from despair into hope, from lost into found. 

 In a very real sense, I’ve been on these borders all my life, being born in the ‘States but raised overseas, the child of a military family growing in a civilian context. I even have advanced degrees in both the hard sciences and theology! I like to explain the context of Scripture and the ways the texts shape our lives while also being deeply committed to the notion that our life in faith is aimed toward union with the loving God revealed to us in Christ Jesus.

 As my history professor use to love saying “but, there’s so much more!” So to get a sense of my pastoral voice, I invite you to come to worship on Sundays at 10.30 or read my blog God’s grace and peace lift and lead you.

And at last, the resume:

Born: Sandia Army Hospital, Albuquerque, NM

 Raised: Naples, Italy & Lexington, Massachusetts

Master of Forestry from Duke, Master of Divinity from Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary

I’m an English Lutheran with Italian habits, a fondness for books, tea, and long parish visits.